Pipeline Overview

  • This is Pipeline's inaugural year as a girls program.  Why should we choose Pipeline over other reputable clubs in the area?

Yes, we understand that this is our first year as a girls program and that we do not have the history that other clubs may have.  However, all great things must start somewhere!  We have talented Directors and an impressive coaching staff eager to see their players succeed, both on and off the court.  We have big goals and would love for your family to be part of it!

  • What are Pipeline’s future goals?

Pipeline strives to be the premier volleyball club in the Chicagoland area.  Our goals are to consistently compete on the national stage and provide our players with an elite volleyball experience that will set them up for future success.  All the decisions we make reflect these goals. 

  • What is Pipeline's playing time policy?

Pipeline is dedicated to providing all athletes with equal attention and opportunity to improve during practices.  However, we are a competitive program.  Therefore, we believe playing time is earned, no given, to the athletes.  Multiple variables are considered when creating lineups: practice attendance, effort, growth, skill level, attitude, etc.  We trust our coaching staff to consider all variables when making their lineups.  

  • What other programs does Pipeline offer throughout the year?

We offer players amble opportunity to improve their volleyball skills throughout the year.  Therefore, on top of our National / Regional teams, we offer numerous programs throughout the year: 

  • Summer / Holiday Camps
  • Private / Group Lessons
  • Pipeline Peanuts (volleykidz program, grades K-6)
  • Sand Volleyball (coming summer, 2018)


  • When / where will practices be held?

From November 26 through February 28 practices will be held at both the Schaumburg Sports Center (1141 W. Irving Park Road, Schaumburg) and Hanover Park Park District (1919 Walnut Ave, Hanover Park).  From the beginning of March until the end of the season all practices will be held at the Schaumburg Sports Center.  Practice times are blocked out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 5:00pm through 10:00pm.  Specific practice times for all age levels will be announced after tryouts.  

  • How does Pipeline approach practices?

We believe that practices offer our players opportunities to improve and those improvements are showcased during tournaments.  Improvement is an individualized learning process.  Our practices are designed to push players outside their comfort zones, increasing their physical skills and mental understanding of the game.  We believe that continually raising the bar and expectations are how players grow and develop over the course of their careers.  

  • Who is responsible for running the practices?

Director Stephanie Holthus is Pipeline's "lead trainer" and is responsible for creating practice plans and running all practices.  Her extensive playing resume and coaching experience allow Pipeline to offer all its players (National and Regional programs) an elite training program unmatched by others. 

  • How do practices different for the Regional and National programs?

Regional programs will practice 2x a week and National programs will practice 3x (on average, 2 team practices and 1 position training day).  On selected nights position training will be open to regional players at an additional cost.  Both programs will benefit from the same master coaching staff.  We pride ourselves on the ability to offer quality coaches and training to both programs.  


Dues / Payments 

All clubs offer different experiences, therefore, pricing varies between clubs.  Our prices are a reflection of our talented coaching staff, practice schedule, and competitive tournaments our teams compete in.  We strive to offer a high-level volleyball experience for all our athletes and believe you will see the value in our product, separating us from other clubs in the area.

  • Does Pipeline offer payment plans?

YES!  More information will be released at tryouts.

  • Does Pipeline offer any fundraising opportunities for their players?

YES!  Fundraising will be offered for those players who are interested.  The earnings will be credited directly to the players account, lowering their dues.  More information will be released at the parent meeting.